Toys. Part 2/3. :)

Pictured: velcro cuffs for the under the bed restraint system, paddle, Sir’s flogger, bondage tape, duct tape, belt, rope, clothespins, and binder clips. 

As promised, a photo of my toys. Part 1/3.

Pictured: collar, cuffs, leather hogtie, ball gag, nipple clamps, pink vibrator (my very first toy ever), glass g-spot wand, and glass anal plug.

I know you can’t really tell because this is a pretty crappy picture but this is a giant poster on the living room wall and it’s the first thing I saw when we finally got home last night. :) 

I’m not really sure when it began, but Sir has been calling me his Mitten Kitten for a long time. Kitten was just a pet name he used and somewhere along the way he was being silly and added mitten because I’m from Michigan. But… I’m not in Michigan anymore so now I’m his Texas Kitten… :)

Here’s the picture I was talking about the other day. They hung out there for the first leg of the trip, then I became the co-pilot after I picked Sir up. :P

Guess who has a new toy!

I’m bored. Wah.

I’m so in love with my collar :)

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I am the happiest pet in all the land!

Sir and I had been tossing around the idea of cuffs for a while, but hadn’t found any that really suited our tastes. Then, one day, he sent me a link to Pasquali Studios and I was completely enamored. 

Sir suggested that, since I’m the one with the Etsy account, I message and ask if they did custom orders.

So Patrick (the owner of the shop) and I chatted a bit and he said he would be happy to make a custom pair of cuffs for us. I sent him my measurements, we talked about colors and little extras that could be added, and then Sir and I decided to do a matching set for my wrists and ankles.

As well as… dum dum dum… a collar :)

When the set was complete and we saw the picture, both Sir and I decided we’d really like the D ring on the collar to be a little more secure. Once again, I messaged Patrick and he was beyond helpful. First saying that he would “take in” the leather and shorten the top strap. When he didn’t like the end result, he decided to construct a completely new strap and got to work right away.

During the entire process, Patrick kept us updated consistently. His honesty about how everything was progressing and his upbeat attitude were both really refreshing.

When the set arrived in the mail I was extremely pleased to find that the photos were an accurate representation of the product and that everything was very beautiful and well made.

Basically, I’m really impressed with him and his shop. So if you’re looking for cuffs, collars, other handmade leather products, or even steampunk goggles, I would highly recommend him :)

Also, here’s a picture of the collar after the modification!

(Source: hiscleverpet)

happiest pet ever :)